Braves News · We Are One

Last year, we started the motto Back the Braves. It’s simple and to the point. We have faced so many challenges over the last six months. Everyday is filled with uncertainty and anxiety for a lot of us. We’ve woke up and it seems like it’s still March. Some days we feel like we’ve been frozen in time.  We went through Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day, and now we’re staring at back to school. We’ve all had disappointments but one thing that’s been consistent is we’ve had each other’s back more than ever.

We have plans in place for a safe return to education and athletics.  This year we will all need each other more than ever. As a community, we will all rely on each other in every facet of life. Schools, communities, and families need to work together to make Terre Haute and South Vigo the amazing destinations that they are. This year #WeAreOne. The Athletic Department is excited to see everyone and bring some joy to our community. See you all soon!