Girls Varsity Softball · Q&A With Softball Player Grace Kidwell

Let’s talk to girls softball player Grace Kidwell and see what’s she’s doing preparing for the season.
Ed Jarvis-What are you doing to prepare for the season?

Grace Kidwell-To get prepared for softball season I am keeping to a regular schedule of hitting. I rotate each day between softballs and golf balls and make sure to do the workouts posted online from my trainer because things have closed down.

EJ-Anything you can take from away from playing both golf and softball?

GK-They are two very different sports but in golf and softball I like to remind my self to slow down. This really helps me focus more. On the course slowing down my swing some time improve my ball flight and in softball it help me focus and see the ball, plays and next moves that could happen when I hit or have a ball hit to me.

EJ-Whats your favorite softball memory?

GK- My favorite softball memory is the bus rides to and from games. It’s the one place the team is really all together and themselves plus there’s always food! My favorite on the field memory would be when we beat Cathedral my freshmen year.

EJ-Whats your favorite golf memory?

GK- My favorite golf memory is one I will never forget. It was senior night and after we played we went to Olive Garden. Tennis was in the room next to us using a speaker and after they we done Sophie and I asked to borrow it. We then sang Karaoke to Coach! My favorite on the course memory would have to be when I shot my first score of 79 at sectionals.

EJ-What are your favorite classes?

GK-My favorite class in school would have to be Yearbook. I was asked back this year to be a captain and it’s like my home away from home at school and I couldn’t ask for a better yearbook team!

EJ-What do you miss at school right now?

GK-What I miss most about being out of school is regularly seeing all my friends and not playing softball.

EJ-What are you plans after high school?

GK-After high school I plan on attending college for graphic design and either play softball or golf depending on school choices.

EJ-What’s the first thing you want to do once life goes back to normal?

GK-The first thing I would love to do after life goes back to normal would be to play a softball game cause the whole team is dying to get out on the field and play a real game.

EJ-Whats your position in softball?

GK- My softball position is center field.

EJ-What song gets you hype to play any sport?

GK-A song that gets me hyped up or more like a walk up son would be Iron Man by Black Sabbath because I have listen to this song for about 4 years before every game in the car.

Rapid Fire

Favorite pizza topping-Pepperoni

Friends, Office, or neither-Office

Favorite Actress-Anne Hathaway

Favorite Movie-Harry Potter

Thanks Grace, can’t wait to see you and your teammates back on the diamond.

Back the Braves!