Girls Varsity Track · Questions With Girls Track & Field Athlete Courtney Jones

Our next athlete in our series of spring sports athletes is Girls Track state finalist, Courtney Jones. Courtney is a funny kid to be around and one of the best athletes we’ve had since I’ve been at THS.

Ed Jarvis-What are doing to prepare for the season?

Courtney Jones-While I was in school I was preparing for track season by practicing and working out everyday but now that I’m quarantined I’ve been doing what I can at my house. (Sprints, body weight circuits, jump ropes)

EJ-What is your favorite track event?

CJ- My favorite track event is either the 4×100 or 100m hurdles.

EJ-What is your favorite track memory?

CJ-My favorite track memory is definitely beating north in the 4×400 at sectionals freshman year.

EJ-What is your favorite volleyball memory?

CJ-My favorite volleyball memory is when we swept north in 3 sets this year and all my friends were there watching.

EJ-How do playing volleyball and running track help each other?

CJ-Doing track and volleyball has improved my endurance and ability to push through things when I feel completely exhausted.

EJ-What are you favorite classes?

CJ-My favorite class is AP environmental science because I love Mrs. Wright and the class is very interesting.

EJ-What do you want to do for a career?

CJ-I have absolutely no clue what I want my career to be. Something sports related would be cool and I think I’d be interested in that.

EJ-Coaching you last year, you were a notoriously picky eater, give us an example of how picky you are.

CJ-Most people order tacos and burgers with lettuce and tomato and all kinds of vegetables but I eat my burgers and tacos just with meat and cheese. If there’s anything else on it I refuse to eat it. I also didn’t like pizza until last year.

EJ-Also for such an athletic kid, you can be very clumsy. What’s your most embarrassing clumsy moment?

CJ- My most embarrassing clumsy moment is when I was in the 6th grade we were racing inside at track practice. We were running down stairs and a girl was in front of me that I wanted to beat. Naturally my competitiveness took over and I jumped from the 7th step trying to beat her. I ended up landing on the bottom step and breaking my growth plate in the side of my foot. I was on crutches for a couple weeks and a boot for 6 week.

EJ-What is your hype music?

CJ-My hype music is any throwback pop songs from like 2000-2010. Like Jason Derulo.

Rapid Fire

Favorite Movie-Wreck It Ralph

Favorite Season-Summer

Favorite Fast Food-Culver’s

Favorite Female Rapper-Doja Cat

Ready to see all our kids do what they love. Good luck to Courtney this year.

Stay in, stay safe, Back the Braves!