Boys Varsity Golf · Questions With Golfer Ryan Liebermann

Our next installment of interviewing our spring athletes, let’s see what Junior golfer Ryan Liebermann has to say.

Ed Jarvis-How are you preparing for the season?

Ryan Liebermann-In preparing for the season I am playing as much as possible and working on weak spots in my game as well at continuing my physical therapy.

EJ-You sustained a pretty bad injury in the fall, what was the hardest part of your recovery?

RL-The hardest part about coming back has been staying patient and not touching a golf club for 4 months as well as watching my friends play sports while I cheered/coached from the sidelines in a back brace.

EJ-Whats your lowest you’ve ever shot?

RL-Lowest 9-33 lowest 18-72

EJ-Whats your favorite course you’ve ever played?

RL-The Brickyard

EJ-Whats the closest you’ve came to a hole-in-one?

RL- 4 inches

EJ-What’s the closest you’ve came to beating Coach Cassell?

RL-I’ve tied with him(he makes the rules)

EJ-What are you favorite classes at THS?

RL- Geometry-Marchses, sports marketing- Ms. Henry, world history-Pickens,and lunch lol.

EJ-What inspired your love for farming?

RL-My love for farming comes from being introduced to it at a young age playing with toy tractors and becoming best friends with Evan Burbrink while working on his family farm.

EJ-Have your sisters ever put makeup on you?

RL-My dad never allowed makeup but they may have painted my toenails while he was at work when I was too young and small to defend myself.

EJ-Is there a shirt in your closet that your sister personally made for you?

RL-I do have have a shirt made by my sister but my last name is too long to go on the back.

Rapid Fire

Favorite Will Farrell Movie-Talladega Nights

Favorite Rapper with Lil in his name-Yachty

Favorite Golfer-Justin Speith

Favorite sport besides golf-Basketball

Excited to see Ryan and the Braves on the course this spring, Back the Braves!