Boys Varsity Baseball · Q & A With Baseball Player Owen Findley

Second interview is with senior baseball player Owen Findley. Sit back and enjoy!

Ed Jarvis-How are you preparing for the upcoming season?

Owen Findley-Preparing for the season has definitely been different this year. I have been reduced to at home workouts, and I have been throwing and hitting in smaller groups. It’s been tough, but we all need to stay focused, active, and healthy in times like this.

EJ-What is your goal for this season?

OF-The goal for the season is to win a state championship. There’s no reason to play the game if you aren’t 100% locked in on being the best team out there.

EJ-What’s your favorite baseball memory?

OF-My favorite baseball memory is Jacob Zimmerman hitting a BP home run off of Coach Kraemer. It is probably the only time that Coach hasn’t had a comeback against Zimmy in their back and forth “bickering.”

EJ-How did football help you prepare for this baseball season?

OF-Football helped me prepare for baseball by toughing me up, working out, and definitely giving me motivation. Cathedral has ended one of my baseball seasons, and one of my football seasons now. So, I’m ready to give it all I have to make sure that doesn’t happen in my last season.

EJ-What’s some of your favorite classes?

OF- My all-time favorite classes at South are English with Mrs. Pence, Math with Mrs. Marchese and Mr. Lee, and AP Environmental Science with Mrs. Wright.

EJ-Who’s your favorite baseball player?

OF-My favorite baseball player is Joey Votto for the Cincinnati Reds. I’ve been a die hard Reds fan forever and Joey Votto has been my favorite player since I was 8 years old.

EJ-Coach Kraemer, Lindsay, Rock, and Flack are racing a 100 M dash, who wins?

OF-I know that Coach Lindsay is going to blow them all out. But Coach Rock has been training a lot lately, and I think he would take second place. Coach Kraemer and Coach Flack would battle for third and fourth but I think Coach Kraemer would win that battle.

EJ-You and your sisters get locked in a room, who gets out?

OF- If my sisters and I were locked in a room together. I think I would be the one to figure out how to get out. If I had to choose who would be the one to get out then I would probably choose myself still. I have to keep the family name going and my sisters always figure out how to have a good time so I believe that they would be fine.

EJ-You have to set up a K-Pop boy band with two other people, who are they and what’s your name?

OF-I would start a band with Garrett Loyed and Kapil Reddy. Me and Garrett used to shred Johnny Cash together so we could figure out the Kpop life. And Kapil listens to a lot of kpop so he could give us some tips on what to do. Our band name would be the “Wet Bandits.” That name will be known worldwide soon.

EJ-How much brushing advice does your dad give you?

OF-My dad actually still brushes my teeth to this day. He has only missed two brushings since I was 10 years old.

EJ-What’s this year’s walk-up song?

OF-“Start a Riot” by DuckWrth or “Fortunate Son” by Credence Clearwater Revival.

Rapid Fire

Favorite Disney Movie-Frozen

Scale of 1-10, 10 being the dirtiest, how dirty is your car-6.5

Favorite Ice Cream Treat-Oreo Cookies N Cream

Favorite Olympic Sport to Watch-Archery

Favorite Dylan-Olds

Hope you enjoyed the youngest of one of our favorite families at THS. Check back soon for more interviews.

Back the Braves!