Multiple Teams · Fall Sports Awards Announced

On Monday, Terre Haute South had their Fall Sports Awards.

Our Webster Team GPA went to boys Cross Country.

Student Council Award Winners:

Boys Tennis: Canaan Sellers

Girls Golf: Tatum Hill

Boys Soccer: Jalen Clark

Football: Jason Swarens

Boys Cross Country: Trey Browne

Girls Soccer: Lanee Dillion

Girls Cross Country: Crispin Ewen

Volleyball: Michaela Cox

We introduced some new awards from the Athletic Department. These awards were voted on by a committee for our fall athletes.  They will be done each season.

Our first award is the Brian Manucso Newcomer award. Brian is the 2nd longest tenured AD at Terre Haute South.  A Terre Haute North graduate, Brian became the face of the athletic department during his tenure and has been a mentor to me and others with his vast knowledge of all things athletics.

Our Brian Mancuso Newcomers of the Year are girls golf Tatum Hill and football’s Josh Cottee

Our next award is the most improved award.  Both these athletes greatly improved to help both their teams and while becoming leaders for those respective teams. Our Fall 2019 Most Improved athletes go to Girls soccer Natalie Morris and Boys Soccer Will Talens

Up next we have our Jay Engle Academic Excellence Award.  Mr. Engle has lived Terre Haute South his whole life, as a graduate, he eventually moved back to Terre Haute South to teach.  Mr. Engle was our head football coach and one of the only head football coaches to also teach advance placement.

Both of our winners, not only dominated in their sport, but also in the classroom. Our Jay Engle Academic Excellence Award Winners are Girls Soccer Brooke Ireland and Football’s James Mallory

Next up we have our Dan McGrath Leadership award. Mr. McGrath has been a involved in high school athletics his whole life. He has been our head football and wrestling coach, while also officiating sports for several years. He was also a social studies teacher here at Terre Haute South.

Our three athletes were definite leaders on their teams and true definitions of a captain.  Our Dan Mcgrath leadership award goes to Boys Cross country Cael Light, Football’s Griffin Comer, and Volleyball’s  Michaela Cox.

Our male and female outstanding athlete awards are named after two of the most athletic students Terre Haute South ever produced. Both of these athletes played multiple sports at a high level and the winners of this award were both at the highest level of their sports.  Our Tony McGee Outstanding Fall athlete is Canaan Sellers and our Cara Stuckey outstanding athlete is Lily Barton.

South is nothing without its spirit.  Our goal as an athletic department is to constantly push for our kids to attend and cheer on their classmates.  Brenda Fortson taught at Terre Haute South for many years and was many of our athletes biggest fans.  The winner of this award, was in season with their support while constantly out cheering on other teams.  The Brenda Fortson School Spirit award goes to Football’s Will Fouty.

Our last student awards are the Cundiff/Heath heart of a Brave award.  Dave Cundiff and Dave Heath have both important members of the athletic history of Terre Haute South. Mr. Cundiff served many roles here at Terre Haute South.  He was also a huge fan of Terre Haute South athletics.  No one worked harder then Dave Cundiff. Dave Heath is the #1 historian of all things South. He has influenced thousands of athletes along the way here at Terre haute South.  The man originated, its great day to be a South Brave.  The two winners of the Cundiff/Heath award are both hard working Braves that continue to make us proud every day.  The Cundiff/Heath award winners are Girls Soccer Lanee Dillion and Football’s Jason Swarens.

Our final award is the Pat Rady Coach of the Year.  This year’s award goes to Boys Tennis’ Jami Patterson.


Congratulations to all our winners.