Athletes and coaches from Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized with the 2018-19 winter all-conference honors.

Athletes in boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Thursday (March 7).

Athletes in boys swimming, girls swimming, gymnastics and wrestling have known of their selections since the conference meets earlier in the winter because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.

Coach of the Year awards go to the coach of the team champion in each sport. Coach of the Year plaques were presented to J.R. Holmes of Bloomington South in boys’ basketball; Larry Winters of Bloomington South in girls’ basketball; Mike Runyon of Bloomington South in wrestling; Sandy Freshour/Bob Arthur of Columbus North in gymnastics; Logan Schaefer of Columbus North in boys’ swimming; and Phil Cole/Kandis Looze of Bloomington South in girls’ swimming.

In addition, a special plaque was presented to Holmes for becoming the all-time winningest coach in Indiana boys basketball. Holmes has a career record of 809-338 as a varsity coach entering a game on Saturday against Jeffersonville in the Seymour Regional. He surpassed Jack Butcher’s previous state best of 806 wins with a 63-24 victory over Northview on Feb. 21.

A complete list of the honorees for the 2018-19 winter sports is below:



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1,      ^ ! Bloomington South         5-0    23-3

2,     Columbus North                 4-1     16-8

3,     Southport                         3-2    11-13

4,     Terre Haute North            2-3    12-14

5,     Bloomington North             1-4     13-8

6,     Terre Haute South             0-5    7-18

! Sectional champion

^ team still alive in postseason


All-Conference Indiana

First Team

Blake Barker, So., Columbus North

Tim Brewster, Jr., Bloomington North

Braden Edington, Sr., Terre Haute North

Cayman Hayes, Sr., Terre Haute North

Chaz Hinds, Sr., Southport

Noah Jager, Jr., Bloomington South

Brevin Jefferson, Jr., Southport

Trenton Kelley, Sr., Columbus North

Anthony Leal, Jr., Bloomington South

Grayson Rolen, Sr., Bloomington South

Nicholas Schiavello, Jr., Columbus North

Kenyon Sholty, Sr., Terre Haute South

Isaac Vencel, So., Bloomington North


Honorable Mention

Bloomington North: Chris Thomas

Bloomington South: Connor Hickman

Columbus North: Reese Harmon

Terre Haute North: Michael Dunagan

Terre Haute South: Cordell Hanes


Coach of the Year: J.R. Holmes, Bloomington South



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1,     ! Bloomington South            5-0    21-3

2,     Columbus North                 4-1     18-8

3,     Terre Haute South             2-3    8-15

3,     Southport                         2-3    5-18

5,     Terre Haute North            1-4     8-18

5,     Bloomington North             1-4     6-17


All-Conference Indiana

First Team

Addy Blackwell, Sr., Bloomington South

Amani Brown, Sr., Terre Haute South

Lauren Conner, Jr., Bloomington South

Kyra Duncan, Jr., Southport

Lexie Green, Jr., Southport

Zayda Hatfield, So., Terre Haute South

Aundrea Kearschner, Sr., Terre Haute North

Nadia Lomax, Sr., Columbus North

Tessa Lomax, Jr., Columbus North

Alexa McKinley, So., Columbus North

Kristen Ridner, Jr., Bloomington South

Ainsley Urbanski, Jr., Bloomington North


Honorable Mention

Bloomington North: Bentlei Grooms, Erin Lillis

Bloomington South: Anya Friend

Columbus North: Annie Anderson

Southport: Ashley Raisor

Terre Haute North: Anslee Michael, Zoe Stewart


Coach of the Year: Larry Winters, Bloomington South



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Columbus North                 108.275
  2. Bloomington North   95.650
  3. Bloomington South   90.950


All-Conference Indiana

Emily Moore, Columbus North

Tova Edwards, Columbus North

Alayne Davis, Columbus North

Jackie Bickford, Bloomington North

Hailey Landis, Bloomington South

Sofia Monteilh, Bloomington North


Coaches of the Year: Sandy Freshour, Columbus North



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Columbus North 471
  2. Terre Haute North 377
  3. Bloomington South 360
  4. Bloomington North 342
  5. Southport 237
  6. Terre Haute South 137


All-Conference Indiana

200-Yard Medley Relay: Columbus North (Christopher Lee, Sam Russell, Jared Carroll, Rafael Spear) 1:38.72

200-Yard Freestyle: Drew Reinke (Spt) 1:47.48

200-Yard IM: Sam Russell (CN) 1:55.89

50-Yard Freestyle: Jakob Mumper (BN) 21.77

Diving: Kyan Jiles (CN) 312.25

100-Yard Butterfly: Jakob Mumper (BN) 53.42

100-Yard Freestyle: Christopher Lee (CN) 49.17

500-Yard Freestyle: Andrew Shellenberger (Spt) 4:52.60

200-Yard Freestyle Relay: Columbus North (Christopher Lee, Nick Green, Ayush Panda, Rafael Spear) 1:30.15

100-Yard Backstroke: Seth Glasscock (BS) 54.06

100-Yard Breaststroke: Sam Russell (CN) 59.18

400-Yard Freestyle Relay: Terre Haute North (Tyler Sommer, Michael Deckard, Amani Vincent, Nathan Sommer) 3:18.49


Coach of the Year: Logan Schaefer, Columbus North



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Bloomington South              423
  2. Columbus North 394.5
  3. Bloomington North 312
  4. Terre Haute South 304
  5. Terre Haute North 302.5
  6. Southport           226


All-Conference Indiana

200-yard medley relay: Bloomington South (Gillian Boggs, Zora Emmert, Anne Levy, Sydney Anderson) 1:53.90

200 free: Olivia Morlok (CN) 1:59.48

200 individual medley: Gillian Boggs (BS) 2:12.66

50 free: Kristina Paegle (BS) 24.03

Diving: Caitlin Liechti-Hawkins (BS) 340.05

100 butterfly: Teya Tabbal (BN) 1:02.37

100 free: Kristina Paegle (BS) 52.54

500 free: Olivia Morlok (CN) 5:09.22

200 free relay: Columbus North (Betsy King, Riddhi Garg, Erica Samuel, Olivia Morlok) 1:43.26

100 backstroke: Apsara Sakbun (THS) 59.67

100 breaststroke: Haley Sakbun (THS) 1:10.85

400 free relay: Bloomington South (Gillian Boggs, Lauren Anders, Allie Arnold, Kristina Paegle) 3:40.99


Coaches of the Year: Phil Cole/Kandis Looze, Bloomington South



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Bloomington South             297.0
  2. Terre Haute South 202.0
  3. Southport 183.5
  4. Columbus North           140.5
  5. Terre Haute North 136.0
  6. Bloomington North               92.0


All-Conference Indiana

106: Cade Bengston, Bloomington South

113: Nicholas Castelluccio, Bloomington South

120: Aiden Reynolds, Bloomington South

126: Cade Meier, Bloomington South

132: Gabriel Recknor, Terre Haute South

138: Justice Cash, Bloomington North

145: Ben Inman, Bloomington South

152: Elliston Ross, Bloomington South

160: Tristan Ruhlman, Bloomington South

170: Derek Blubaugh, Bloomington South

182: Wade Presson, Bloomington South

195: Nolan Wampler, Bloomington South

220: Josh Howell, Terre Haute South

285: Allen Haire, Terre Haute South


Coach of the Year: Mike Runyon, Bloomington South