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Spring all-Conference Indiana honors announced
Athletes, coaches recognized in six sports for 2017-18
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June 1, 2018                                                            Conference Indiana sports information
        Athletes and coaches from the Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized in six sports with 2017-18 spring all-conference honors.
        Athletes in baseball, softball and girls tennis were selected during a meeting of conference coaches on Thursday, May 31. Athletes in boys track, girls track and boys golf have known of their selections since the conference meet in their sport because accolades in each are based on performance in those events.
        Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all six sports. Those voted as Coach of the Year were Kyle Kraemer of Terre Haute South in baseball; Jeff Biggs of Terre Haute South in softball; Jami Patterson of Terre Haute South in girls tennis; Andy Sebold of Perry Meridian in boys golf; Larry Williams of Bloomington South in boys track; and Justin Helmer of Bloomington North in girls track.
        Athletes and coaches from Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Columbus North, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Southport, Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South were considered for honors in all six sports.
        A complete list of the honorees for 2017-18 spring sports follows.
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All-Conference Indiana
First Team
     Austin Bode, Columbus North
     Casper Clark, Columbus North
     Harry Deliyannis, Bloomington North
     Benji Downs, Terre Haute South
     Tristan Elder, Terre Haute North
     Tyler Finke, Columbus North
     Cade Fitzpatrick, Franklin Central
     Mitchel Gingerich, Bloomington South
     Charlie Joyce, Perry Meridian
     Dillon Kinnett, Terre Haute South
     Kam Leach, Franklin Central
     Jakob Meyer, Columbus North
     Brayton Reed, Terre Haute South
     Avery Short, Southport
     Grant Smethurst, Bloomington South
     Dylan Steele, Bloomington North
     Cole Whitlock, Terre Haute South
     Ian Wilson, Bloomington North
Honorable Mention
     Bloomington North: Grant Collins, Riley Gallagher
     Bloomington South: Mason Vaughn
     Perry Meridian: Elliot Obermaier, Adam Taylor
     Southport: Michael Fidler, Ryan Lezon, Pa’Tyn Pardue, Jack Vanover
     Terre Haute North: Parker Bray, Ross Egger, Nathan Foxworthy, Jason Mundell, Kendal Riley
     Terre Haute South: Cam Cook, Chase Hoesman
     Coach of the Year: Kyle Kraemer, Terre Haute South


All-Conference Indiana
First Team
     Jaida Austin, Franklin Central
     Katie Back, Franklin Central
     Hallie Baker, Terre Haute South
     Emily Berrisford, Terre Haute North
     Tristlyn Blackburn, Terre Haute North
     Jaselyn Conn, Terre Haute North
     Erin Curran, Southport
     Deja Denson, Perry Meridian
     Taylor Ellis, Terre Haute South
     Lizzie Halstead, Bloomington South
     Erniey Hursey, Southport
     Deb Jones, Bloomington North
     Hannah LaMar, Franklin Central
     Bailey Lofton, Columbus North
     Hailey Miller, Terre Haute North
     Vanessa Miller, Southport
     Lauren Sackett, Terre Haute South
     Kaycee Wisley, Bloomington North
Honorable Mention
     Bloomington North: Emma Alexander, Ragan Davis, Kathryn Dunigan
     Bloomington South: Mara Goodwin, Jasper Sons, Mary Wright
     Columbus North: Lilly Hurt, Sierra Norman
     Franklin Central: Kayla Green, Mariah Jenkins
     Perry Meridian: Kennedy Thatcher
     Southport: Lexi DeWester, Brittany Fisher
     Terre Haute North: Madi Newman, Camryn Scott
     Terre Haute South: Kelsey Clinkenbeard, Olivia Hatch, Jocee Sackett
     Coach of the Year: Jeff Biggs, Terre Haute South


All-Conference Indiana
          4×800: Bloomington North (Drew Warren, Ben Iovino, Paul Rushton, Isaiah Hollars) 8:16.78
          110 hurdles: Malachi Quarles, Franklin Central, 14.93
          100: Kyle Markland, Franklin Central, 11.26
          1,600: Jack Gillard, Bloomington South, 4:26.48
          4×100: Franklin Central (Luke Magee, Samuel Toe, Austin McIntosh, Kyle Markland) 43.33
          400: Kobe Sterner, Bloomington North, 50.42
          300 hurdles: Malachi Quarles, Franklin Central, 41.18
          800: Drew Warren, Bloomington North, 1:59.87
          200: Kyle Markland, Franklin Central, 22.54
          3,200: Ian Shaw, Bloomington South, 9:36.88
          4×400: Franklin Central (Connor Wright, Malachi Quarles, Caleb Loobie, Austin McIntosh) 3:27.71
          Long jump: Ahmad Benford, Terre Haute North, 21-1
          High jump: Preston Terrell, Columbus North, 6-2
          Discus: Jonathan Dodrill, Bloomington South, 159-8
          Shot put: Jason Swarens, Terre Haute South, 53-3
          Pole vault: Luke Hensley, Bloomington South, 14-0
Coach of the Year: Larry Williams, Bloomington South
All-Conference Indiana
          4×800: Bloomington North (Mackenzie Carver, Olivia Kaiser, Mya Hagerty, Kayli Clark) 9:32.36
          100 hurdles: Maddy Ealy, Terre Haute South, 16.49
          100: Hannah Bargue, Perry Meridian, 12.68
          1,600: Grace Williams, Bloomington North, 5:12.30
          4×100: Perry Meridian (Georgia Greene, Ali Dale, Tyunna Gayden, Lexi Dale) 49.65
          400: Ivanla Hunter, Perry Meridian, 58.32
          300 hurdles: Emma Coney, Franklin Central, 47.42
          800: Mya Hagerty, Bloomington North, 2:22.72
          200: Ivanla Hunter, Perry Meridian, 25.76
          3,200: Abbey Armstrong, Bloomington North, 11:21.59
          4×400: Perry Meridian (Ali Dale, Lexi Dale, Hannah Bargue, Ivanla Hunter) 4:02.61
          Long jump: Jordan Monson, Bloomington South, 16-3
          High jump: Jahna Smiley, Columbus North, 5-0
          Discus: Cassie Evans, Franklin Central, 136-9
          Shot put: Dontice Barbee, Bloomington North, 43-1½
          Pole vault: Sami Heathcote, Columbus North, 9-6
    Coach of the Year: Justin Helmer, Bloomington North
All-Conference Indiana
     Player, School                            Score
1, Chase Miller, Perry Meridian                         72 #
2, Drew Smith, Columbus North                        72
3, Drew Todd, Bloomington South                     73
4, Henry Kiel, Columbus North                          75
4, George Hosking, Terre Haute South             75
4, Luke Moriarty, Perry Meridian                      75
4, Thomas Tierney, Bloomington South             75
8, Jackson Kerber, Columbus North                  76
9, Jace Day, Bloomington North                        77
9, Seth Kestranek, Bloomington South              77
Honorable Mention
11, Brandon O’Neal, Terre Haute North            78
11, Logan Vernon, Bloomington North                 78
13, Mason Wooten, Perry Meridian                    79
14, Landon Shipley, Terre Haute South             81
14, Evan Todd, Bloomington North                     81
# Won medalist honors in one-hole playoff
    Coach of the Year: Andy Sebold, Perry Meridian
All-Conference Indiana
First Team
     Joy Bhattacharya, Bloomington North
     Eva Chevalier, Columbus North
     Erin Friedrich, Terre Haute South
     Lydia Laker, Franklin Central
     Maya Mills, Bloomington South
     Breanna Rogers, Terre Haute South
     Lauren Rowe, Terre Haute South
     Madelyn Sanders, Columbus North
     Brooklyn Schiffli, Franklin Central
     Carley Sobieralski, Franklin Central
     Lily Yeagley, Terre Haute South
     Yijiang Zhao, Columbus North
Honorable Mention
     Bloomington North: Lillian McAfee
     Bloomington South: Nidhi Krishnan
     Columbus North: Shweta Srinivasan
     Franklin Central: Emily Nordhoff
     Perry Meridian: Brooke Kistner, Anna Osborne
     Southport: Madison Lukas, Brooke Madon, Jenna Polly
     Terre Haute North: Jennifer Behnke, Meredith Fenimore, Madison Unger
     Coach of the Year: Jami Patterson, Terre Haute South
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