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Braves News · Conference Indiana Honors Winter Athletes





Athletes and coaches from Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized with the 2017-18 winter all-conference honors.

Athletes in boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Thursday (March 8).

Athletes in boys swimming, girls swimming, gymnastics and wrestling have known of their selections since the conference meets earlier in the winter because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.

Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all sports.

Those voted as Coach of the Year were J.R. Holmes of Bloomington South in boys’ basketball; Pat McKee of Columbus North in girls’ basketball; Matt Schoettle of Perry Meridian in wrestling; Sandy Freshour of Columbus North in gymnastics; Logan Schaefer of Columbus North in boys’ swimming; and Nick Stevens of Franklin Central in girls’ swimming.

A complete list of the honorees for the 2017-18 winter sports is below:



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1,     x-! Bloomington South         7-0    26-2

2,     x-! Terre Haute South        6-1     19-7

3,     Columbus North                 4-3    14-11

4,     Terre Haute North            3-4    13-12

4,     Southport                         3-4    7-15

6,     Bloomington North             2-5    6-17

6,     Franklin Central                2-5    4-18

8,     Perry Meridian                  1-6     4-18

! Sectional champion

x-Still alive in IHSAA postseason


All-Conference Indiana

First Team

Chance Coyle, Bloomington South

Semaj Danley, Perry Meridian

Jaylen Flemmons, Columbus North

Noah Jager, Bloomington South

Brevin Jefferson, Southport

Anthony Leal, Bloomington South

Maleek Logsdon, Terre Haute South

Isiah Morgan, Franklin Central

Craig Porter, Terre Haute South

Richard Suggs, Terre Haute North

De’Avion Washington, Terre Haute South

Liam Wilkerson, Bloomington North


Honorable Mention

Bloomington North: Jeremiah Blair, Tim Brewster

Bloomington South: Phillip King

Columbus North: Bailey Hester, Trey Vincent

Franklin Central: Alan Cox, Nick Hall

Perry Meridian: Jayden Taylor

Southport: Chaz Hinds, Eddie Schott

Terre Haute North: Denny Zigler


Coach of the Year: J.R. Holmes, Bloomington South



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

1,     Columbus North                  7-0    17-7

2,     Bloomington South              5-2    12-11

2,     Perry Meridian                  5-2    7-16

4,     Franklin Central                4-3    7-17

5,     Terre Haute South             3-4    11-13

6,     Terre Haute North            2-5    7-18

7,     Southport                         1-6     5-17

7,     Bloomington North             1-6     4-19


All-Conference Indiana

First Team

Hannah Allen, Bloomington North

Caitie Baird, Perry Meridian

Addy Blackwell, Bloomington South

Jenna Borger, Columbus North

Savannah Edington, Southport

Sadie Hill, Perry Meridian

Aundrea Kearschner, Terre Haute North

Tessa Lomax, Columbus North

Kenzie Patberg, Columbus North

Taylor Pepperworth, Terre Haute South

Madison Potts, Franklin Central

Kristen Ridner, Bloomington South


Honorable Mention

Bloomington North: Ainsley Urbanski

Bloomington South: Olivia Blackketter, Lauren Conner

Columbus North: Annie Anderson

Franklin Central: Andrea Adams, Rachel Loobie

Perry Meridian: Ariana Booker, Savanna Pipes

Southport: Lexie Green

Terre Haute North: Zoe Howes

Terre Haute South: Lauren England, Zayda Hatfield


Coach of the Year: Pat McKee, Columbus North



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Columbus North                 110.400
  2. Bloomington North 98.775
  3. Franklin Central 95.400
  4. Bloomington South 94.475


All-Conference Indiana

Tova Edwards, Columbus North

Sami Heathcote, Columbus North

Britanny Laffoon, Bloomington North

Hailey Landis, Bloomington South

Amelia Schroeder, Franklin Central

Claire Thompson, Columbus North


Coach of the Year: Sandy Freshour, Columbus North



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Bloomington South 471
  2. Columbus North 390
  3. Terre Haute North 263
  4. Terre Haute South 249
  5. Franklin Central 217
  6. Bloomington North 216
  7. Perry Meridian 136
  8. Southport 133


All-Conference Indiana

200-Yard Medley Relay: 1, Bloomington South (Seth Glasscock, Creighton King, Wesley Webb, Tommy Beggs) 1:41.93

200-Yard Freestyle: 1, Max Grogg (BS) 1:44.74

200-Yard IM: 1, Sam Russell (CN) 1:58.98

50-Yard Freestyle: 1, Paul Gabhart (BS) 21.97

Diving: 1, Elijah Earle (BS) 442.55

100-Yard Butterfly: 1, Paul Gabhart (BS) 51.11

100-Yard Freestyle: 1, Evan Patterson (CN) 47.95

500-Yard Freestyle: 1, Andrew Shellenberger (Southport) 4:50.00

200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, Bloomington South (Max Grogg, Wesley Webb, Paul Gabhart, Lucas Lobring) 1:29.83

100-Yard Backstroke: 1, Seth Glasscock (BS) 53.76

100-Yard Breaststroke: 1, Sam Russell (CN) 1:01.77

400-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1, Bloomington South (Lucas Lobring, Paul Gabhart, Seth Glasscock, Max Grogg) 3:14.46


Coach of the Year: Logan Schaefer, Columbus North



Team standings

Pos.  School                                Points

  1. Bloomington South              433
  2. Franklin Central                  369
  3. Columbus North                  328
  4. Terre Haute North             266
  5. Bloomington North             218
  6. Perry Merdian                    217
  7. Terre Haute South             156
  8. Southport                            116


All-Conference Indiana

200-yard medley relay: 1, Franklin Central (Abigail McCormick, Regan Schiffli, Rachel Schiffli, Kathryn Matthies) 1:52.74

200 free: 1, Mackenzie Looze (BS) 1:57.17

200 individual medley: 1, Gillian Boggs (BS) 2:13.64

50 free: 1, Julia Wolf (BS) 24.04

Diving: 1, Midori Adams (PM) 342.45

100 butterfly: 1, Phoebe Rensink (BS) 58.63

100 free: 1, Julia Wolf (BS) 53.59

500 free: 1, Olivia Morlok (CN) 5:19.00

200 free relay: 1, Bloomington South (Julia Wolf, Phoebe Rensink, Emily Long, Mackenzie Looze) 1:39.89

100 backstroke: 1, Apsara Sakbun (THS) 1:00.02

100 breaststroke: 1, Mackenzie Looze (BS) 1:07.56

400 free relay: 1, Bloomington South (Julia Wolf, Gillian Boggs, Sydney Anderson, Mackenzie Looze) 3:42.88


Coach of the Year: Nick Stevens, Franklin Central



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Perry Meridian                 301.0
  2. Bloomington South 207.0
  3. Southport                         155.5
  4. Franklin Central 126.0
  5. Columbus North 120.0
  6. Bloomington North             117.5
  7. Terre Haute South   92.5
  8. Terre Haute North   57.0


All-Conference Indiana

106: Alex Cottey, Perry Meridian

113: Ceu Kung, Perry Meridian

120: Sam Fair, Perry Meridian

126: Tyler Mikulich, Bloomington North

132: Chase Peavler, Franklin Central

138: Noah Hunt, Bloomington South

145: Aiden Warren, Perry Meridian

152: Derek Blubaugh, Bloomington South

160: Brooks Davis, Perry Meridian

170: Noah Warren, Perry Meridian

182: Daniel Below, Perry Meridian

195: Austin Lane, Perry Meridian

220: Frank Hammond, Perry Meridian

285: Harley Hillenburg, Bloomington South


Coach of the Yea