Multiple Teams · Big Four Schedule

The schedule has been announced for Big Four, which will be Saturday, May 6th at Terre Haute North.  The schedule is as follows:


Game 1     Northview(V) vs. Terre Haute North(H)     10:00 AM
Game 2     Terre Haute South(V) vs. Northview(H)     12:30 PM
Game 3     West Vigo(V) vs. Terre Haute South(H)     3:00 PM
Game 4     Terre Haute North(V) vs. West Vigo(H)     5:30PM
Game 1     Terre Haute North(H) vs. West Vigo(V)10:00 AM    Front Diamond
Game 2    Terre Haute South(H) vs. Northview(V)10:00 AM     Back Diamond
Game 3     Northview(H) vs. Terre Haute North(V)12:00 PM     Front Diamond
Game 4     West Vigo(H) vs. Terre Haute South(V)12:00 PM   Back Diamond
Track Starts at 10:00AM