Multiple Teams · Avon Shootout Information Announced

Information has been sent out for the Avon Boys Basketball Shootout on Saturday, December 10th.  Here is the info:

TIMES:           SESSION 1                  Doors open at 9am
10am –Freshman –THS (A) vs. Avon (H)- Fieldhouse
10am –Junior Varsity – THS (A) vs. Avon (H) – Aux Gym
10am –Varsity – THN (A) vs. BD (H)- Main Gym
11:30am – Freshman – THN (A) vs. BD (H)- Fieldhouse
11:30am –Junior Varsity – THN (A) vs. BD (H)- Aux Gym
11:30am- Varsity – THS (A) vs. Avon (H) – Main Gym


SESSION 2                  Doors open at 5pm

6pm –Freshman – THN (H) vs. Avon (A)- Fieldhouse
6pm –Junior Varsity – THN (H) vs. Avon (A) Aux Gym
6pm –Varsity – THS (H) vs. BD (A)- Main Gym
7:30pm – Freshman – THS (H) vs. BD (A) Fieldhouse
7:30pm – Junior Varsity – THS (H) vs. BD (A)- Aux Gym
7:30pm – Varsity – THN (H) vs. Avon (A) Main Gym