Multiple Teams · All Conference Athletes Recognized

Athletes and coaches from Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized with the 2015-16 winter all-conference honors.

Athletes in boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Thursday (March 10).

Athletes in boys swimming, girls swimming, gymnastics and wrestling have known of their selections since the conference meets earlier in the winter because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.

Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all sports.

Those voted as Coach of the Year were J.R. Holmes of Bloomington South in boys’ basketball; Pat McKee of Columbus North in girls’ basketball; Matt Schoettle of Perry Meridian in wrestling; Sandy Freshour of Columbus North in gymnastics; and Phil Cole and Kandis Looze of Bloomington South as co-honorees in boys’ swimming and girls’ swimming.

A complete list of the honorees for the 2015-16 winter sports is below:


Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

T1.    * Bloomington South         6-1     21-4

T1.    * Southport                     6-1     20-6

  1. * Franklin Central5-2    18-6
  2. * Terre Haute South4-3    21-6
  3. Columbus North3-4    10-14

T6.    Terre Haute North          2-5    15-10

T6.    Bloomington North           2-5    8-15

  1. Perry Meridian0-7    9-15

*Sectional champion


All-Conference Indiana

First Team

Tucker Blackwell, Bloomington South

Joey Brunk, Southport

Marcus Burk, Franklin Central

Matt Deady, Terre Haute South

Musa Jallow, Bloomington North

Alex King, Columbus North

Malik Laffoon, Bloomington North

Nate Mills, Perry Meridian

Jaylen Minnett, Terre Haute South

Keshaun Sandifer, Terre Haute North

Paul Scruggs, Southport

Jimmy Weinke, Franklin Central


Honorable Mention

Bloomington South: Chance Coyle

Franklin Central: Grant Pedigo

Southport: Eli Walton

Terre Haute South: De’Avion Washington


Coach of the Year: J.R. Holmes, Bloomington South



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Conf. Overall

  1. ** Columbus North7-0    27-2
  2. Southport    5-2    12-12

T3.   Bloomington South             4-3    14-10

T3.   Terre Haute North            4-3    14-10

T5.   Perry Meridian                  3-4    6-16

T5.   Franklin Central                3-4    6-17

  1. Terre Haute South2-5    12-12
  2. Bloomington North0-7    1-22

** Class 4A state runner-up


All-Conference Indiana

First Team

Addisyn Blackwell, Bloomington South

Amani Brown, Terre Haute South

Emma DeHart, Southport

Keyla Hines, Franklin Central

Maliah Howard-Bass, Columbus North

Abby Howes, Terre Haute North

Ashlyn Huffman, Columbus North

Melody Johnson, Perry Meridian

Lauren Leal, Bloomington South

Paige Littrell, Columbus North

Cherise Otter, Bloomington South

Jaelencia Williams, Southport


Honorable Mention

Bloomington North: Katie Carver

Columbus North: Elle Williams

Franklin Central: Lindsey Owens, Sammi Wessel

Perry Meridian: Sadie Hill, Brandi Martin

Southport: Alex Cooper

Terre Haute North: Lauren Curley, Kelsey Young

Terre Haute South: Meaghan Etling


Coach of the Year: Pat McKee, Columbus North



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Columbus North                 113.175 *
  2. Franklin Central103.875
  3. Bloomington South102.025
  4. Bloomington North  99.000

* Meet record for team score


All-Conference Indiana

Ashley Holliday, Columbus North

Katrina May, Columbus North

Claire Thompson, Columbus North

Khloe Dykes, Franklin Central

Kelsey Schermer, Bloomington South

Claire Finn, Bloomington North


Coach of the Year: Sandy Freshour, Columbus North



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Bloomington South          512
  2. Columbus North438
  3. Terre Haute South      245
  4. Terre Haute North204
  5. Franklin Central188
  6. Perry Meridian 184
  7. Bloomington North      179
  8. Southport      71


All-Conference Indiana

200-Yard Medley Relay: Bloomington South (Seth Glasscock, Griffin Halloran, Matthew Jerden, Matthew Baker) 1:39.32

200-Yard Freestyle: Luke Lobring (BS) 1:47.11

200-Yard IM: Chase McQueen (CN) 1:57.46

50-Yard Freestyle: Noah Coomler (PM) 22.27

Diving: Kaemon Jiles (CN) 474.70

100-Yard Butterfly: Matthew Jerden (BS) 51.27

100-Yard Freestyle: Chase McQueen (CN) 48.68

500-Yard Freestyle: Matthew Jerden (BS) 4:43.15

200-Yard Freestyle Relay: Columbus North (Angel Torres Martinez, Adam Zhuang, Jared Imlay, Chase McQueen) 1:29.92

100-Yard Backstroke: Seth Glasscock (BS) 54.58

100-Yard Breaststroke: Grant Halloran (BS) 1:01.29

400-Yard Freestyle Relay: Bloomington South (Seth Glasscock, Max Grogg, Kyle Massengale, Matthew Jerden) 3:15.82


Coaches of the Year: Phil Cole/Kandis Looze, Bloomington South



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Bloomington South              446
  2. Franklin Central310
  3. Terre Haute South      292
  4. Columbus North284
  5. Bloomington North271
  6. Terre Haute North196
  7. Perry Meridian152
  8. Southport    146


All-Conference Indiana

200-Yard Medley Relay: Columbus North (Alex Nusawardhana, Mackenzie Fry, Cori Taylor, Darby Coles) 1:53.74

200-Yard Freestyle: Mackenzie Looze (BS) 1:55.41

200-Yard IM: Phoebe Rensink (BS) 2:12.27

50-Yard Freestyle: Celina German (BS) 24.46

Diving: Maggie Gates (BS) 484.95

100-Yard Butterfly: Phoebe Rensink (BS) 58.42

100-Yard Freestyle: Celina German (BS) 53.50

500-Yard Freestyle: Mackenzie Looze (BS) 5:19.03

200-Yard Freestyle Relay: Bloomington South (Taryn Roll, Hannah Kunzman, Celina German, Mackenzie Looze) 1:40.76

100-Yard Backstroke: Alex Nusawardhana (CN) 58.97

100-Yard Breaststroke: Anne Levy (BS) 1:12.39

400-Yard Freestyle Relay: Columbus North (Alex Nusawardhana, Mackenzie Fry, Kaitlyn Niebrugge, Darby Coles) 3:40.66


Coaches of the Year: Phil Cole/Kandis Looze, Bloomington South



Team standings

Pos.  School                     Points

  1. Perry Meridian                 281.5
  2. Bloomington South205.0
  3. Bloomington North      163.0
  4. Southport    126.0
  5. Terre Haute North       115.0
  6. Columbus North                 112.0
  7. Franklin Central101.5
  8. Terre Haute South        83.5


All-Conference Indiana

106: Sammie Fair, Perry Meridian

113: Caleb Gosney, Bloomington North

120: Noah Hunt, Bloomington South

126: Jack Servies, Perry Meridian

132: D.J. Brookbank, Perry Meridian

138: Blake Webb, Bloomington South

145: Jordan Vaughn, Franklin Central

152: Brett Johnson, Perry Meridian

160: Noah Warren, Perry Meridian

170: Christian Warren, Perry Meridian

182: Hunter Dalton, Bloomington North

195: Robert Clark, Southport

220: Chase Dixon, Bloomington South

285: Conor Dwyer, Terre Haute North


Coach of the Year: Matt Schoettle, Perry Meridian